Welcome to Nutraceutical Medical Research LLC, the top full service nutraceutical- focused contract (clinical) research organization (CRO). We serve the natural products industry including beverage, cosmetic, dietary supplement, functional food, ingredient, nutraceutical, nutrition, and sports nutrition companies.

What we do
Nutraceutical Medical Research gives your ingredients and products what they need; proven safety and efficacy with evidence-based research.

We specialize in:
  • Conducting research to help you support a claim

  • Consulting and project management on IND preparation and filing or FDA/FTC questions

  • Designing and monitoring your product in a pre- or post-market surveillance study

  • Developing, implementing, and managing basic science investigations and clinical research/clinical trials of natural ingredients and products

  • Evaluating your data to help you create a strategic, evidence-based research plan

  • Medical and technical writing

  • Nutraceutical Medical Research Associates are up-to-date on current industry trends, government regulations and health services including integrative medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) research and best practices.

    Nutraceutical Medical Research Associates will provide you with the comprehensive support you need to give your ingredients and products a real competitive edge. We are here to serve you. Contact us with any questions.

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